Goose Finance
Goose Farm
Goose farm is similar to Egg Farm/Nest where you stake GGX-BUSD/GGX-BNB/Tokens to generate GGX. There will be a deposit fee of 2% on non-GGX pools. The transaction fee will be used as follows.
    Stake GGX-BUSD LP to get GGX (0% deposit fee)
    Stake GGX-BNB LP to get GGX (0% deposit fee)
    Stake GGX/Tokens to get GGX (4% deposit fee)
Deposit Fee (2%)
    The Deposit fee from Goose farm will be used as follow:
      (1.4%) 70% will be swapped to BUSD and injected into Goose House.
      (0.4%) 20% will automatically buyback Eggs and burnt
      (0.2%) 10% will be sent to the developer address
Last modified 6mo ago
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