Goose Finance

Goose Dollar and Goose Dollar Bond

Goose Dollar

Goose Dollar is 1:1 Backed by BUSD (NOT PEGGED). The initial 2,000,000 BUSD was funded by Goose Finance's team. The amount of Goose Dollar will always be the same as the amount of BUSD backed.
The minting speed of Goose Dollar will depend on the remaining BUSD in the Goose Dollar Vault that hasn't been tagged with the Goose Dollar. Therefore, if there are more BUSD in the Goose Dollar Vault, the minting speed will increase.
At this stage, we are not providing liquidity for users to sell this Goose Dollar, as we want users to re-invest this into the system to grow the vault.
A portion of the profit generated from Goose Dollar will be shared among the holder of another token, Goose Dollar Bond.
Token address: 0x5bfE81fCB3708C8fC733BEf60d313CAFCe1FeBEB

Goose Dollar Bond

Goose Dollar Bond can be purchased at $1 and sold at $0.9$. The price may increase in the future but always 10%. The $1 will then be sent into the Goose Dollar Vault to mint 1 Goose Dollar.
Token address: 0x831B85B2c6E55344d6b17C9d67eA83771b0A9C8e