Goose Finance


Users stake their corresponding Single token or LP token in our vault, and Goose Vault will auto-compound the corresponding farm so the user doesn't need to manually compound the rewards every day.

General Vault fees (subjected to changes)

  • 1.2% Buyback on Egg (on profits)
  • 0.3% Goose Dollar Bond's Egg house reward (on profits)
  • 0.5% Egg's Egg house reward (on profits)
  • 0.5% GUSD Vault (on profits)
  • 0.5% Controller Operations (on profits)
  • 0.1% Entrance fee


Apart from the rewards of the auto-compounding itself, we will also reward the user a Goose Dollar, which is 1:1 Backed by BUSD, instead of a platform token that constantly inflates in price.